2 New Sites Live
Feb 9 2011

Stoked to finally go live with two new websites:




“2233″ the book
Jan 14 2011

So, so proud to finally have the second (and final?) edition of 2233 finished. My dear friend and frequent collaborator Bobby Gordon and I started this book almost two years ago, and it’s definitely been a labor of love. Bobby grew up on the grounds of an ex-hippie commune in Berkeley, where his parents lived for many years and then finally bought the house. The house has been a home to so many people, even those who never lived there permanently, that we decided it was time to pay homage.

Bobby collected stories, memories, poems, and photos from a ton of people (80 pages worth!) who have a strong connection to the house, along with taking his own photographs of the house in its current state. The stories are so tender, with so much love for a bygone era of youth and freedom, and so much love for an enduring home where there is always a hug and a safe place to sit and talk about whatever is on your mind. Bobby’s dad is definitely the artist-in-residence of 2233, and the house is a testament (monument?) to his artistic sensibilities (we never counted, but I would estimate there are around 200 figurines and tchochkes hanging, some in bizarrely sexual poses, from the ceiling of his bedroom). I did the design, and contributed a little memory as well…

A couple pages are below, and a few spreads are available on my portfolio page. The book is available for purchase from Blurb.

"In case we need to make a quick getaway" -- Howie Gordon

The ever-changing art work / bedroom

Sam’s Table
Jan 6 2011

Sam (my boyfriend) has been collecting bottle caps for years. We have thousands of them. I think initially there was a plan to do something with them, but that has long since been forgotten and we have moved the entire collection all the way across the country not once but twice.


Bottle caps + table with beveled edges + marine grade epoxy = awesome Xmas present

And believe it or not this isn’t even one of every brand.

New life
Sep 6 2010

Time for a personal update. The past few months have been full of a lot of upheaval, but also some fun. Once we knew (sometime last spring) that Sam would be attending Berkeley for law school, we decided to leave DC a bit ahead of schedule and take the summer “off.” We figured it might be our last summer to do that for a long time. We quit our respective jobs in May, packed up our little Capitol Hill apartment, and headed out west with our dear friend Bobby. It was Sam’s seventh (yes as in 7) time driving cross-country and my fourth, but we decided to take a little extra time visiting friends and seeing some sights along the way. We started in DC, headed up to Cape Cod to stay at Sam’s family house in Hyannisport, back down to NYC to visit our old roommate in Manhattan, out to Pittsburgh for Bobby’s cousins, on to Chicago for Sam’s cousin, and then up through Iowa, South Dakota, Wyoming, and Utah. Along the way we stopped for Bobby’s personal pilgrimage to the Field of Dreams, hike in the Badlands, check out Mount Rushmore and the Crazy Horse memorial, eat some great Brazilian BBQ in Salt Lake City, and spend two days hiking in Zion National Park.

For anyone who has never been able to explore the northern part of the country, believe me it is well worth your while. Beautiful, beautiful country, nice people, and plenty of space. I had never actually drive from east to west, for one reason or another. I didn’t think it would make much difference– a road trip is a road trip, and the journey is always the destination. But I am a very adventurous person, and to me a big part of the fun is not knowing where you’ll end up. This time, it was a return, not a progression. It’s funny, the things you start to think about (obsess over?) during those hours of driving with no one in sight except the cows and the longhorns, if you’re lucky a herd of buffalo, and always the expansive blue sky.

Once we made it back to the west coast, we stayed for a couple weeks with my gracious parents before being treated to a month-long family trip to France. Interestingly, once my sister and I were out of the house, my parents suddenly started taking lots more trips… by themselves! It had been a while since we’d all done something together, so it was a lot of fun. And once we got back from France, we got to go out to Maine to visit Sam’s family at their other house– lucky us!! It was wonderful as usual, and so hard to leave.

Now, we’re here in Berkeley and Sam is enjoying (more or less) his first few weeks of law school while I am on the hunt for a new job. I absolutely loved living in DC, but it is nice to be back here with our old friends from college and my family (especially my sister who also lives in the Bay Area– we haven’t lived in the same city for a long time!). At least this time, as much as I miss Washington, we know for sure we’ll be here for at least a few years. Wish me luck!

Independence Day
Jul 4 2008

Well, today is the day for Sam and I to leave Los Angeles for Washington, DC (his hometown).  We’ve decided to make a mini-roadtrip out of it because, well, we don’t have jobs!  Last summer we had to take his car back for re-registration and took the “northern route”– up to Portland, OR and across through Montana, North Dakota, Michigan, up into Canada and down through Maine.  So this year we decided to do the southern border– Arizona, Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia and home.

First stop: San Diego, to celebrate the 4th with our dear friend and teammate Kelly.  As with most 4th of July celebrations, this included copious amounts of: watermelons, beers, sand, clothes with wet bathingsuit marks, nascent sunburns, and people doing things that they probably wouldn’t do without loud noises and flashing lights and did I mention the beers?
After lounging the afternoon away with the chocolate fondue fountain and loads of food, we biked over to Coronado Yacht Club to get a cocktail and watch some fireworks from the top of a friend’s very large boat.  There were 3 fireworks shows going off in concert around the bay which was awesome.  We were also all drunk so obviously we had to add to the noise and general pandemonium by honking the boat’s ridiculously loud horn, which our neighbors loved and begged us to do again and again and again… oh wait…
Finally we had to do what all good college sailors do when watching fireworks
on a 3 story boat… jump off the top!!!!
Astonishingly, no one got hurt and everyone’s suits stayed on.   More or less.
Back to Kel’s where we make a valiant effort to keep drinking and stay up later, but soon all pass out on the floor amidst the chocolate fountain, red plastic cups, and empty wine bottles. Who could ask for more?